AD FS for ECP or OWA fails with error wrongaudienceuriorbadsigningcert

This is quite a curious problem. At first i did not encounter it at all. however after upgrading my AD FS server to server 2016 it occured from time to time.  Not always.

I would suddenly get the “wrongaudienceuriorbadsigningcert” when trying to open my Exchange Control Panel or Outlook Web App.
Of course first I checked if my Signing cert was still trusted on my exchange server and this was all correct.

Turns out, since AD FS 2016 it suddenly sometimes expects an extra /  and sometimes it doesn’t at the end of the URL.
At step 7 of the guide from microsoft :
They explain you should use the url’s and

To solve the problem I had to do the following:

$uris = @("","","","")
Set-OrganizationConfig -AdfsAudienceUris $uris

Basically like this it will accept both URL’s and the problem is solved.

I only encountered it with AD FS 2016, and I’m not entirely sure why… but i do know this solved it for me at least.

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  1. Thanks for this – as soon as we upgraded to ADFS 2016 this problem showed itself periodically. Never would have thought to check the URI’s

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